Photography Workshops

  • Photography Workshop on The Isle of Skye

    Photography Workshop on The Isle of Skye

    Into the Wild - Weekend trip to The Isle of Skye - Friday 17th March 2017
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  • Get Out of Auto Mode

    Get Out of Auto Mode

    Every month I run a class Photography Workshop in The Barn at the back of The Victoria Pub in Hitchin. Class starts at 10am to 1pm. Price includes tea/coffee/snacks. Maximum 6 people per class
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  • 121 tutoring - private photography lesson

    121 tutoring - private photography lesson

    £100 for a half-day session mid week
    121 half day sessions tailored to the individual. Learn to take better photos.
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  • Photography Workshop Gift Voucher

    Photography Workshop Gift Voucher

    From £35
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Hphotography Workshopi, I am Kasia and I run photography workshops in North Hertfordshire. I was born in London and I have been a freelance photographer for over 12 years. About 6 years ago I had been working with Primary school children for the first time over a 6 week period giving training, guidance and encouragement to a group of children in putting a photography exhibition together. After the success of this I was asked to go to another school and do something similar. After the feeling I experienced of immense pride and satisfaction from teaching I realised this was something that I had in me to offer others. I then went on to teach a few different adult workshops within schools and began to do tuition on a 121 basis.

I left London 4 years ago to move to Hitchin. Immediately I set up the Photography Workshops and within a month of moving I was executing my first group workshop. Since that first class the Photography Workshops have been growing in popularity and number. 

The workshops are for people who are interested in photography and want to have a good starting point or take their photography to the next level.

There is also a Facebook page for the workshops. To receive posts, information and updates go to

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