Kasia Burke - Still Life Photographer


Kasia Burke is an artistic photographer with a special focus on the imagery of food. Having completed a degree in Hospitality Management in her early twenties and working in the food industry, her passion for photography developed. In 2002, she studied for an HND in photography at London Metropolitan University, working as a freelance photographer in various London studios and assisting on shoots with established photographers including David LaChapelle and Nick Knight. After a move to Hertfordshire with her family in 2015, she has built a successful business in Hitchin, shooting commercially and teaching photography.

Art has always been a passion for Kasia and now she combines her knowledge of food with photography to create her own distinctive pieces. Her work is influenced by European artists from the 1600s onwards and especially Juan Sanchez Cotan's use of light and composition to dramatise subjects. She has also looked at the work of modern day photographers including Irving Penn and Michael Hilsman, using these influences to create her own compositions and capture them on camera.

Kasia allows even the most ordinary objects to tell a story with depth and passion. Her use of lighting and set-up results in pieces likened to 17th century Dutch still life art. She believes that even the most ordinary objects deserve to have the opportunity to show their magnificence through art photography. Some of her pieces has a more classical feel, whist others are more contemporary and anarchic in their emotion. There is a connection of old to new often bringing everyday household objects straight from the kitchen cupboard to centre stage.